Working As A Social Escort In Singapore – What Are Your Options?

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Working As A Social Escort In Singapore – What Are Your Options?

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If you want to work as a social escort or get a social escort job in Singapore, how do you go about doing it?

Here are some of your options to working as an escort in Singapore:

Join an agency

One of the simplest ways for you to earn income as a social escort in Singapore is to simply join an agency. There are a number of different registered escort agencies in Singapore. However, not all are equally well reputable and established. Make sure to do your own due diligence.

It is generally recommended that you can work with an escort agency which has been established for a while, has their own website and government registration licence. The reason for this is because your entire income stream will be wiped out if you join an illegal, underground website. If the website gets taken down, or your agent gets caught, your entire income source is gone overnight. The risk is not worth it. Only join registered and legal agencies.

No amount of money is worth the risk of your income being gone all at once!

You may want to note that almost all agencies only accept girls who are relatively slim, youthful and educated.

Work as an independent

While some choose to work as an independent, this is a more popular choice for foreign Caucasians, and not Singaporean girls. Some foreign Caucasian girls are fine with working full time as an escort, without being a student or have a day office job on the side.

However, due to most Singaporeans’ relatively conservative attitude when it comes to privacy, some choose to pick up even just a simple day job. This is so that they can talk about their day job instead of stammering when trying to answer others what they do for a living.

If you want to work as an independent, then the key things you want to note is that you will need to verify the clients yourself and market yourself. Marketing yourself as an escort may not be too hard, but vetting clients can be an issue. The reason for that is because you will be getting a lot of prank messages, calls and people who are simply time wasters. The upside is you can make more per deal at the cost of such nuisance.

Start work as a sugar baby first

Working as a sugar baby is definitely the recommended choice if this is the first time you are entering the industry. Sugar babies are what some call ‘escort-lite’. This means that you are paid relatively less for the actual hours worked, if you divided it out. Therefore, the expectations per hour is usually lowered. However, it helps you to build up experience before you can become a full time social escort in SG.

The downside to being a sugar baby is that over time, some sugar daddies tend to get overly emotional and clingy – which many sugar babies start to hate. They then transition over to the highest paid job in this industry – working as a full time female escort.

Always do your own research about the job

One of the things about a female escort job is that there is no such thing as an on job training. You are highly paid for a reason.

ALWAYS make sure to properly read and research about the escorts industry before applying for any such jobs!


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