Being An Escort In Singapore – Can Your Perspective On Life Change?

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Being An Escort In Singapore – Can Your Perspective On Life Change?

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Are you considering to work as a Singapore call girl or a social escort? If you are on the fence because you are not sure how working as a female escort in Singapore can potentially change your life, then read on!

Can your perspective on life, dating and men change if you work as a female escort in Singapore?

While it will be different for every person, the following are some of the more common ways in which your perspective can change.

First of all, you may distrust older and wealthier men

Some escorts, and even sugar babies may start to distrust older and wealthier men. This is especially the case when it comes to their own long term non-financial based relationships. This is because some clients who engage social escorts or are sugar daddies can potentially be married men. As a result of this, these girls may be worried that in their future relationships, the men will definitely cheat on them. This can potentially to lead to some insecurities. Then again, not every girl cares about this. For instance, some girls in China do not care if their man sees other girls as long as they are able to take care of the girl financially.

Second of all, you may become more materialistic

In a status-driven, and expensive country like Singapore, almost everyone is materialistic. The only difference is the extent of one’s materialism. Working as an escort, you will come into contact with rich and powerful men, who have huge amounts of spending power. When you look at their lifestyles, their spending power, and the amount of money you can receive working as a social escort, you may start becoming more materialistic. Once again, while this is not the case for every Singaporean girl who works as an escort, it can happen for many of them.

Third of all, you may become more secretive as a person overall, even if you eventually stop working as a social escort

Due to escort work being seen as relatively taboo in a country such as Singapore, many girls who work cover up their work. This means that they do not share what they do with anyone else. Also, they may have to give excuses to skip social gatherings to make a lot more money. Therefore, over time, this can result in you potentially becoming a more secretive person overall. This is not a bad thing. This is just a potential change in your perspective and personality if you were to work as an escort.

Fourth of all, you may judge men based on their financial abilities above other criteria

As a call girl, you are bound to meet a fair share of time wasters. In this industry, time wasters are basically people who simply cannot afford your rates yet enquire lots of questions. This is much more common than you may think. So to prevent time wasters, and also to verify clients genuinity in booking you and their identities, many girls in Singapore work as one under a registered social escort agency.

However, due to the large amount of ‘poor’ men enquiring and never booking, it can potentially make you irksome of these low-income guys. Now this does not mean that social escorts will only eventually end up permanently with a very rich guy, but they probably will not like poor guys. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

As mentioned before, we founded this blog to discuss both sides of the coin. There is no good and bad. After all, Singapore as a city-state is really expensive to live comfortably in. Being with a rich man definitely makes life easier, even if you are financially independent!

Fifth of all, you may find it difficult to have a boy-girl relationship while you are working as an escort

The reason for that is because you may either feel bad for your boyfriend, or simply not have time to do couple stuff. This is because clients do work as well, and usually they may want to meet at timings that you will also usually meet your boyfriend. Due to the timing clashes, many escorts do not date seriously when it comes to their personal lives when working as one.

However, something you may find surprising is that many girls who work as female escorts in Singapore are actually attached, or even married!

We do not judge anyone for their choices, you should do what is right for you. If you love the money, then do it. Otherwise, do something else.

For more, you may want to watch the following video to learn more!


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