Being A Singapore Permanent Resident Or Citizen To Work

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Being A Singapore Permanent Resident Or Citizen To Work


Some of my previous posts talked about how you need to be a permanent resident or citizen to work easily for any kind of jobs in Singapore. That is because not every job sector allows you to apply for and join it using just a regular S pass or E pass. In fact, some of them do not hand out passes, and you will need to be a PR or citizen only. Here is some advice for those of you who have been living in Singapore for quite some time now, and are curious about PR applicationĀ in Singapore.

The local ICA authorities look at a few key factors when it comes to such approvals. The following are just broadly categorized examples of some of the things they look at and are treated as important.

One of the key elements the ICA considers look for PR status approval at is the job or career that you have. If you hold a high position at a reputable company, or run a profitable business, it is far easier for you to apply successfully for a Singapore permanent residency. Call it whatever you want, that is the cold harsh truth. That is because as much as possible, ICA wants to bring in only people of societal value – meaning if all you do is sleep at home and do absolutely nothing and are broke and yet not willing to work hard, then ICA does not want such people to become new PRs in Singapore.

Another key factor which is looked at when ICA is deciding about your PR status is the amount of time you have spent in Singapore. If you have barely lived in Singapore, never visited the country before, and you are not going the route of the investor VISA, then you are going to have a very hard time getting your residency to become approved. Long gone are the days where you could barely step foot into the country, and still get a PR granted. The ICA is listening to the locals in this regard that only those who are actually interested in Singapore can become a PR – and not just somebody who wants to collect multiple PRs from all around the world.

If you have a spouse who is already a permanent resident or a Singaporean citizen, then your chances of PR status granted is much higher as well. That is because it is extremely likely that you really want to live in the country over the long term if you married a local citizen or permanent resident.

As you can tell from the above, if you want to become a permanent resident in Singapore, the key is to demonstrate to the ICA authorities that you are willing to assimilate with the local Singapore culture as well as demonstrate that you intend to live for the long term in Singapore, instead of just grabbing the PR status and then never live in nor contribute nor basically exist in the country.

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