Watson Lake Campus

For information on up-coming courses- times, dates, costs and to register for courses please contact the campus at 1-867-536-8800

Yukon College Funds

Watson Lake Student Assistance Endowment Fund: $450
Background: The fund is a joint creation of the Watson Lake Community Campus Committee of Yukon College and the Watson Lake Training Advisory Board. This fund was created to supplement graduates, college level or mature students in the catchment area of Watson Lake, including Lower Post, Upper Liard and Two Mile who require assistance in continuing their education at either Yukon College or a recognized university or college or training centre.

Eligibility criteria:
Selection is based on need or merit, references and previous performance and suitability of goals.
You must have lived in the catchment area for at least 6 months.
Preference will be given to a student attending Yukon College.
Apply to: Danielle Hauser, Coordinator of the Watson Lake Campus.
Application Deadline: June 24 and November 25th of each year.

Yukon College Internal & External Awards

To find awards, grants & bursaries that may benefit or assist you with your post secondary education please visit the Yukon College Awards .

If you are a new or returning student to a College or University outside of the Yukon please ALSO be sure to check with the student union office at the school in which you are attending for grants, awards & bursaries offered through their institution. Discuss & research those which you may be eligible for.

Upcoming Courses

Please contact the Watson Lake Yukon College Campus at 1-867-536-8800 to register for ANY courses, and/or to confirm dates & costs associated with events. Some course dates & times may be subject to change.